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Running App Locally

For running the application on a local machine,please use fellowing instructions:

  • Download the files from here .
  • After downloading, unzip the files
  • Open the unzipped folder, with source code files and double click on 'index.html' to load the website site in the browser. Individual source code files can be viewed through a text editor (e.g. sublime text) .
  • Have fun using the application

Users should also note that since our Echonest database is hosted on Echonest server, running the site will still require internet connection for use on a local machine.


Here is a video demo which described the features app below.

Loading the web application for the first time, the user will see the follwing : Controls for users, Maps,Timeline and Directed Line graphs.

Controls for users/ List





The data used for this project is found on the Echonest website. We only use the data from echonest which requires opening up an account and getting a private key. This key is needed when we want fetched the required data using the echonest API. The echonest database provides records from 1900 to 2014. Using the API , there are different methods to access and fetch the required data. Artist , Gerne API , Song , Track ,these are some of the API method in echonest.Depending on the information or data we want to access, we use these method to make the call or query. The data used from the application we fetched from the echonest database using ajax.The data is then relay into the site via jquery. This was useful we were able to extract the needed information which we to be displayed on the webpage and the maps.

Here are some other useful and important source.



  • Some of the Artist from Eroupe either don't the city in the locattion directionary or the city name is nor spelled in English. Something no city name
  • The color used the show the of the artist on the map differ from user1 to user2. User 1 is green and User 2 is red. Two users can interact with the application simentanously.
  • When the user hover with the mouse on the location of the artist on the maps, app displays the location of the artist

Interesting Facts

  • Few Artist from Asia, non from Africa . Majority of the top popular artist are centralized in Europe and North America
  • The Echonest API is not 100% percent reliable.
  • One of the most popular music gerne is Rock begining from the 60's till date

Work Distribution

Onome Ovedje

  • Overall :Handled most of the backend and some frontfacing user interface
  • Data fetching: Working echonest api with the api method needed for queries for sorting and filtering into subset of data fron the database, used Ajax/jquery.
  • Data parsing:
  • Documation of all group progress,task
  • Echonest API review and construct needed queries.
  • Data parsing from database

Glenn Turner jr.

  • Overall:Mostly handed the frontend aspect of the project.
  • Timeline:
  • Created map layer with MapBox and leaflet, connected the layer to the mapbox
  • implemented list and control User Interface elements
  • Base html/css layout implementation
  • Timeline implementtation for the application
Weekly Update